Answers & Solutions has some basic principles in its financial consultancy services. The first of the principles is to understand the question and the problem. This understanding has led us to work in close and continuous cooperation with our clients. The process of understanding the problem and producing the right solution starts with asking the right question. We aim at considering all the factors that may affect the matter. Opinions and answers that have not been discussed, negotiated and considered well usually causes bigger problems for businesses. Therefore, analyzing all the factors and producing the best solution for every problem has always been our key principle in our consultancy.
Our Services;
• Corporate and Individual Tax Consultancy,
• Financial Consultancy Services for Foreign Businesses,
• Consultancy for Holdings and Group Companies,
• Consultancy on Tax incentives, exceptions and exemptions,
• Consultancy for Family Businesses
• Implementations in Free Zones
• Consultancy on Incentives 
• Special Consultancy for Techno-parks and R&D Advantages,
• Special Inspections and Inventory Consultancy
• Tax Agreements
• Consultancy on Social Security issues
• International Tax consultancy
• Management of relationships with Public Administrations
• Budgeting and Projection
• Fraud Control,
• Consultancy for In-house Control Systems


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