The aim of the attestation services in Income and Corporate Taxes is to prevent faulty implementations of the relevant legislation and considerably decrease the penalty risk in the case of a possible tax inspection. The Ministry of Finance officially declared that companies that are attested by Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants will not be inspected unless they are denounced or special necessities occur, and those companies that are not attested will primarily be inspected.
Our Expertise includes;
• Attestation of annual Income Tax Returns
• Attestation of annual Corporate Tax Returns
• Conformance of Financial Statements and Detection of Revenue
• Attestations relating investment allowances, incentives, exceptions and exemptions.
• Transactions about tax exemptions and immunity from similar charges in incentives of priority regions for development and other incentives.
• Transactions about credit interest returns, discounts or premium payments in implementations of incentives.
• Inflation corrections and revaluations
• Attestation of Customs Declaration
• Control and reporting of projects of TUBITAK, EU funds and R&D investments
• Transfer pricing and relevant reports.
• Attestation of VAT and SCT returns and appropriation.
• Attestation of VAT registration and cancellation transactions done as per Inward Processing Authorization Certificate.
• Detection report necessitated in accordance with the regulations of the Public Procurement Law.
• Inspection of Accounts and Transactions of Industrial Zones.
• Inspections of wealth.
• Inventory valuation
• Attestation of withholding returns and income & corporate tax titles.
• Attestation of addition of the internal resources into capital.
• Detection of addable funds in addition of funds into capital as the result of inflation adjustments and revaluation. 
• Reports on Detection of Capital Increase.
• Equity Capital valuation reports issued in incorporation of limited liability companies, change of type or capital increase.
• Attestation of Exemptions, Exceptions and respective accounts of Associations, Foundations and similar institutions. 
• Attestation transactions relating Exemptions and Exceptions
• Attestation of Accounts
• Transactions relating investment incentive certificates.
• Detections about bank loans.
• Payment of Radio and Television High Council shares as per Law No 3984.
• Participation returns.
• Inventory valuation
• Attestation of conformity of financial statements required by build-operate-transfer projects and detection of revenue.
• Attestation of revenue statements for those who received servitude from the state.
• Inspection of Incomes and Expenses of the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
• Attestation of projects of Development Agencies
• Attestation of SCT manufacturing registration and cancellation.
• Attestation of special exceptions and exemptions of associations, foundations and cooperatives,
• Attestation services investment incentive discounts,
• Special statements,
• Reports and services on efficiency,
• Attestation Report to seize the Income and Corporate Tax discounts as per Law No: 4325 on Increasing Employment and Supporting Investments in State of Emergency Regions and Priority Regions for Development, 
• Activity attestation report for the import of surveilled products,
• Attestation services for transactions subject to Inheritance and Transfer Tax,
• Other attestation services realized in the scope of the Code of Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants.


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