Answers & Solutions [A&S] Audit and Business Consultancy Corp. is a company listed among companies in the decree no 41/1282 dated 21.10.2005; captioned “Audit Companies Authorized in Capital Markets” issued by Capital Markets Board (CMB). 
Our company primarily provides the compulsory audit services to be done for Public Companies as per the relevant CMB legislations. Apart from that, we carry out audit services for companies that demand auditing in accordance with International Financial Reportıng Standards (IFRS) and International Audit Standards (IAS).Audit Reports necessitated by Energy Market Regulatory Board and other similar boards, various public institutions and Banks are among services we provide for all sorts of companies doing business across a wide variety of sectors.
Advantages of Audit
• Audit offers particular advantages for the audited company, the shareholders of the company, to the public and the government.
• It provides objective information in assessment and analysis of the financial statements, as well as future estimations about the company and decision-making process. 
• It ensures fair trust in presentation of financial statements. It helps stake holders detect internal control and audit deficiencies.
• It increases chances of finding cost-efficient funding opportunities thanks to audited financial statements.
• It helps preserving the rights of shareholders.


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