In the area of Tax Law and its implementations, it is a must to know the whole law, regulations, the logic behind them and the relationship among them. In the lack of such expertise, businesses, unfortunately, have to pay high and unnecessary amounts of tax and face penalties that are usually very difficult to cope with. In order to prevent such a risk, an efficient tax consultancy should be ensured.
We have a substantial expertise of more than 18 years in tax disputes. Tax is a special are of law, which requires a different understanding of procedural law. Any person who is attempting to file a case in this area has to be knowledgeable of the latest case law and current implementations, as well as the legislation in effect. The government generally executes penalty assessments due to a wide range of causes, which requires an in-depth examination. Estimating the case risks and getting the taxpayer ready for a cost-effective conciliation is part of our job.
Providing opinions on tax disputes, attending conciliation meetings alongside clients and preparation of petitions to file cases are among our services relating tax issues, primarily problems arising out of VAT, income tax, corporate tax and stamp duty assessments.
Our Services;
• Consultancy on tax disputes/investigations,
• Guidance in conciliation process,
• Preparation of petitions to file cases or submit applications in the case of tax disputes,
• Filing objections to the applicable administration, and applying to superior authorities, if needed,
• Filing applications to conciliation boards before and after tax assessment, attending the board meetings with the clients,
• Attending hearings at the court to defend the client’s rights.


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