The most important outcome of Audit is to guarantee trust in financial statements and prevent errors…
Are you confident in the accounting of your company, information presented to you or the calculated and paid taxes? The initial advantage of audit is to make you fully confident in such information. Auditor reflects the reliance placed on him to the work he performs. Thanks to his experience, expertise, audit techniques and processes he applies, the auditor reveals errors and misappropriations, and suggests necessary remedial steps to be taken. More importantly, he develops the systems needed to prevent recurrence of such errors and reports them to the management.
Any eye looking onto your company can attain a conclusion only through your picture made up of numbers, that is, your financial statements. In this respect, the confidence can only be maintained if that eye is an independent third party. Are the financial statements and their respective footnotes are true? The answer to that question lies within the opinions of independent auditors. Financial information inspected by independent auditors play a critical role in the assessments of banks and other financial institutions loaning to your company, setting up partnerships, share transfers, split-ups and all other commercial relationships. 
As the Answers & Solutions team, the criteria and techniques of Total Quality Management comprise one of the major sources we seize, along with International Audit Standards and professional legislation. We believe we generated an important approach so as to ensure focusing on the whole process and error-free outcomes. 
We aim at contributing to our clients, being aware of the fact that the reliance placed on us is the most important component of our service.
Audit or Limited Audit Services; 
• Audit
- Audit and reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
- Inspection of Consolidated Financial Statements,
- Inspection of projects supported by such institutions as World Bank and EU funds,
- Accounting audits necessitated by Capital Markets Board, Public Oversight Authority, Energy Market Regulatory Board,
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and other public authorities,
• Limited Audit
This sort of audit includes our services for which we gather information from persons responsible for the financial reporting processes of companies that are subject to interim period auditing, and providing limited assurance in accordance with technical inspection and reporting.
• Audit of Procedures that has been agreed upon
It comprises management of the audit process described in a protocol agreed upon and signed by the company in question and third parties in relation with the company and reporting the results without assurance.
• Special Audit
Special Audit includes audit services inspection of former financial statements required by companies willing to go public or trying to have financial agreements with foreign companies, and in operations like merger, demerger, acquisition etc.


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